Uncover the Root Causes & Discover the 'Medicine of YOU'

Personalized Health, Guided by Your Key Health Indicators.

What Causes Poor Health and What is the 'Medicine of You'?

We take a deep look to find out what's causing your health problems. Even before you get sick, there are signs that we can find.

The 'Medicine of YOU'™ is about learning what's important for your health and doing things to make it better or keep you well.

The 'Medicine of YOU'™ uses technology and biomarker rich data to show you how healthy you are now and how healthy you might be in the future. We make a plan that tries to see problems before they happen, stop you from getting sick, and give you easy steps made just for you to follow.



What You Can Look Foward To...

Here are some of the benefits of collaborating with Vital Essence Medica:

Improved Energy Levels

Boost your energy levels and overall vitality with targeted wellness interventions so you can live your best life.

Holistic Health Approach 

Embrace a holistic approach to health that views your body as an interconnected system for comprehensive well-being.

Lifestyle Optimization

Optimize your lifestyle with personalized advice and plans tailored to your daily habits and routines.

Tailored Nutritional Guidance

Receive customized nutritional guidance specifically designed to support your unique health and wellness goals.

Risk Factor Identification

Identify and mitigate potential health risks early before they become serious problems requiring more invasive treatments.

Gut Health Evaluation

Significantly improve your digestive health with thorough gut health evaluations and specialized recommendations that work.

Genetic Analysis

Understand your genetic predispositions to make well-informed, proactive decisions about your personal health journey.

Transform Your Health Today

Discover personalized medicine tailored just for you.

Enhanced Well-being

Achieve significant improvements in your health and well-being with our science-backed, tailored wellness solutions.

Personalized Health Reports

Receive detailed, personalized health reports that give you a clear, actionable picture of your current health status.

Continual Support

Enjoy ongoing support and regular consultations to help you stay committed and on track with your health goals.

Personalized Wellness Plans

 Receive wellness plans tailored specifically to your unique needs and lifestyle for optimal results.

Root Cause Analysis

Identify the root causes of your health challenges with advanced testing and personalized wellness plans just for you.

Flexible Consultation Options

Benefit from flexible consultation options designed to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle and schedule.

Cutting-edge Technology

Leverage cutting-edge medical technology to proactively manage and enhance your long-term health.

Mental Clarity

Achieve improved mental clarity and focus through comprehensive health assessments and personalized wellness plans.

Long-term Health Tracking

Monitor your long-term health progress with continual support and personalized adjustments to your wellness plan.

Proactive Health Management

Adopt a proactive approach to your health with early detection and preventive care strategies.

Emotional Balance

Gain emotional balance and well-being through a holistic, interconnected approach to your physical and mental health.

Your Path To Mastering the Medicine of YOU™

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Your Gateway to Personalized Wellness

The Essential Package:

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Unlock a new era in your health journey with the Essential Package, a one month comprehensive and personalized wellness experience designed for your long-term health and vitality.

Comprehensive Bloodwork Analysis: Delve into your health with over 80 biomarkers. This in-depth testing provides a detailed health overview, offering insights into your well-being.

50-Page Detailed Personal Health Report: A tailored report packed with insights and actionable advice, based on your unique health data.

Extended 55-Minute Telehealth Consultation: A deep and meaningful conversation about your health, offering personalized care and expert guidance.

Holistic Health and Lifestyle Review: A thorough evaluation of your medical history and lifestyle to create a comprehensive understanding of your health.

Customized Health Strategy: A unique health plan, carefully developed to align with your specific health goals and needs.

Access to Cutting-Edge Testing: Explore advanced diagnostic options for deeper health insights and precise care.

Weekday Text Message Support: Benefit from direct and convenient text support during weekdays for any queries or guidance you need.

Embark on Your Journey: Start your personalized wellness journey with the Essential Package, where every element is carefully curated to enhance your health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the 'Medicine of YOU' approach different from traditional healthcare?

The 'Medicine of YOU' approach focuses on personalized, proactive, and preventive care. Unlike traditional healthcare, which often addresses health issues after they arise, we use cutting-edge technology and in-depth health assessments to identify potential health concerns before they manifest, allowing us to create tailored plans to optimize your health.


How do you assess my current health status and predict future health outcomes?

We use in-depth BioMarker Health Assessments & Analytics. These assessments provide critical insights into your current health status and help us detect early indicators of potential health concerns, enabling us to create a personalized plan to maintain and enhance your health.


How long does it take to see results with the 'Medicine of YOU' approach?

The timeline for seeing results varies depending on your individual health status and goals. Some clients may notice improvements in their well-being and energy levels within a few weeks, while others may require more time to address underlying health concerns. We work closely with you to monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes.


Is the 'Medicine of YOU' approach covered by insurance?

Currently, many insurance plans do not cover the full scope of services offered by the 'Medicine of YOU' approach, as it goes beyond the scope of traditional healthcare. However, we believe in the value of investing in your health and offer flexible payment options to make our services accessible to a wide range of clients. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you prioritize your health. 


About us

Welcome to Vital Essence Medica.  We are little different.  Learn why.

Most healthcare has evolved into impersonal, commodity-style services that follow rigid guidelines. Medicine has become a one-size-fits-all experience, one not focused on the individual. 

The core problem is that each person's unique health circumstances and story are rarely part of their path to restoring health. Instead, systems prioritize getting as many patients through as possible in a finite amount of time. 

This leads to issues like over-testing or minimal testing as extremes, as well as bulk prescription approaches. 

What has been lost is the medicine of YOU. 

I founded Vital Essence Medica to help my clients Master the ‘Medicine of YOU’™. 


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